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Weight Management Program

Our weight management program is doctor led, meaning that you will have a full weight loss targeted health check and weight loss goals set by one of our doctors and to help you achieve your goal, if eligible you will be prescribed appetite suppressants. You will be given a low dose of whichever medication you choose initially for one week and then invited back in a week for a follow appointment and review. At this appointment the doctor may prescribe you the remaining 3 weeks of medication at a higher dose. You are of course still welcome to keep visiting us weekly to see the doctor.

Our appetite suppressants are designed to help reduce your food cravings and make it easier to follow a low calorie diet to lose weight

They are NOT herbal or any of the over the counter remedies you can buy but are strictly controlled medication that we prescribe on a named patient basis which is why you need to come in and chat with one of our doctors before we can give any medication.

After seeing us a few times and once we are sure you are safe and well on our medication we are able to offer remote appointments for your convenience and safety to minimise contact in clinic in line with Covid safety advise.

If you choose to have a remote appointment you will need to have a recent (same day) BP reading available as well as a weight. You can purchase a BP monitor from our clinic or use your own if you have access to one. The doctor will then give you a give at your appointment time and prepare your medication for your collection from clinic.

What happens at my free consultation?

Your first appointment will be about 20-30 minutes long with our doctor. He or she will take a medical history and ask you if you are taking any medications. They will then take your blood pressure and a focused examination and if it is safe to do so they will give you the information on what they can prescribe you. There is NO OBLIGATION to follow through on any treatment offered. But if after understanding all the information you would like to go ahead our doctor will prescribe you the agreed medication.

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If I decide to go ahead how much will it cost?

Our pricing structure is simple and easy:
Initial consultation is FREE, if you decide to purchase our weight loss program the first month of medication will cost you £90 and includes 4 weeks of appetite suppressant tablets and weekly visits and check up by our doctor.

If you decide to purchase our slimming injection (saxenda) the cost of this will be £75 per pen.

We often get asked how many pens of saxenda a patient will need. This depends on which dose of the drug your appetite and cravings are controlled on but for most patients we find 3 pens a month is the average.

Subsequent medication cost:
Shape up weekly : £25 - this is one weeks supply of medication.
Shape up monthly: £90 - this is 4 weeks of medication (saving you £10).
Slimming injection: £75 per pen.